Amethyst is the beautiful purple Birthstone for February.  It was believed by the Greeks to have the power to offset alcohol’s influence.  The purple quartz stone is one the most popular birthstones sold in our store.

May is Emerald Month

Here’s an interesting fact about the beautiful May birthstone, the Emerald…

Emeralds are green members of the popular beryl family of minerals. The green color occurs when pure, clear beryl contains either chromium or vanadium.

Prized since ancient times, a fine emerald can be more expensive than a high quality diamond of the same carat weight.may%20birthstone%209


diamond ringApril is Diamond Month!

Gem quality diamonds are rare, taking billions of years for nature to form them.  The journey from the mine to you is long and arduous.


No other stone offers the clarity, brilliance, and breathtaking depth of a diamond.  Their unmatched beauty and elegance make them ideal for marking life’s most important occasions. 


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